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Post 1/2/2022 INFORMATION

Instagram posts now embedded here, there is also an Insta shop to use should you so wishnote it only works with the Instagram app which currently means mobile and tablet only, sorry . What fun , take a look #whydontyou #SerendipityGDDs

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Post 24/4//2023

The Latest Designer Dress Trends to Follow

As fashion enthusiasts look for ways to slay their style game, the latest designer dress trends provide a fresh perspective on the latest fashion statements. Whether you want to glam up for a formal event or keep it casual yet chic, there are bold and stylish options that can make you stand out in a crowd. Here are some of the latest designer dress trends that every fashionista should follow as we approach the summer season.

First on the list are floral dresses. Flowers are always a welcome addition to any outfit, and the trend is back in full swing. From bold prints to soft patterns, floral dresses have been spotted on a variety of runways for the season. One such designer label that has some of the most beautiful floral dresses is Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses (visit Their range of fabulous floral dresses is a must-have for every fashion-conscious lady out there looking to add a little touch of elegance and class to their wardrobe.

Secondly, off-shoulder dresses have made a comeback. This style is perfect for warmer seasons, allowing you to show off your shoulders and embrace your feminine side. Off-shoulder dresses come in a range of fabrics, from lace to denim, and are perfect for any occasion, whether casual or formal. And if you're looking to make a statement, a brightly colored off-shoulder dress can be perfect.

Another stylish trend that's hot off the runway is asymmetrical dresses. These typically have a hemline that's shorter on one side and longer on the other, adding an additional element of intrigue to your outfit. They come in a range of styles and have been adapted to suit different occasions, including cocktail parties and weddings. When you want to project a chic and modern look, asymmetrical dresses should be your go-to.

Finally, layering is becoming increasingly popular in designer dresses. Featuring layers of fabric, these dresses can be a bit more dramatic, adding a touch of elegance as well as coverage. Layered dresses come in a range of styles, with some featuring tulle for a princess look while others incorporate chiffon for a bohemian feel. They can be worn for virtually any occasion, making them versatile as well as fashionable.

In conclusion, these are just some of the latest designer dress trends to keep you motivated and looking chic this season. Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses ( offers a wide range of designer dresses that are not only stylish but also practical for any occasion. From floral, off-shoulder, asymmetrical or layered dresses, they provide a unique blend of sophistication and class, making it easy to slay any event. So if you’re looking for stylish designer dresses to add to your wardrobe, visit Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses today!

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Post 8/7/2022 INFORMATION

I have both a Facebook and Instagram shop (note insta shop only available on mobile currently, maybe Meta will change that?) nowadays and I love the fact that Meta is clever enough when I post a FB post with and image to instantaneously and automatically link that to the product in the FB shop, how do they do that? Anyhow I've posted here my FB / Insta posts so you can see my associated social media. 

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Post 2/7/2022 INFORMATION

I have an Amazon Handmade shop with all my Girls Designer Clothing in it, Click on the link to visit, all search product images have to have a white background now so been updating them, I would not say controlling Amazon Inventories was easy or logical, they need make it easier. But I suspect they won't. You can even use Amazon ordinary search to look but as we dont pay for advertising they will be way down the list

a pool image with products from SerendipityGDDs amazon shop
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Post 28/6/2022 INFORMATION

Now added age 1 products to our portfolio and the site, we used to use the catch phrase Girls Designer Dresses "dresses for gorls aged 2-8", that has now been adjusted to "Girls Designer Clothing for girls aged 1-9+"

Take a look see what you think, now our grand daughters have progressed through those ages I am still enjoying making clothes for age 1

age 1.jpg
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Post 22/9/2021 INFORMATION
Update JUNE 2022 After 1 year and no sales via MADE ME decided to close the shop, especially as price for 1 year had doubled


Winter Bonanza on Made Me

We have added a lot of products to our Made Me shop, getting ready for Winter on what is officially the 1st day of Autumn. These could be good to keep you warm in winter, but they don't have to be exclusively for winter. We have also set up a new board on Pinterest for Made Me products as well as adding a new section to our Folksy & Etsy offerings board specifically for folks to post their made me products. What fun , take a look #whydontyou #SerendipityGDDs


Post 25/5/2021 INFORMATION

New Crocheted Girls Designer Knitwear

See my latest creations here on the website, maybe use the A-Z function to go straight to them, as always there is an accompanying 360 degree spin around each to get you a greater feel for the product. All via the SHOP


Post 25/5/2021 INFORMATION

New LOVE buttons

We have introduced a new LOVE button on all the Girls Designer Clothes designed and hand crafted starting January 2021. This is to enable you our wonderful customers to register your love for the stuff you really like, it will enable me in marketing terms to understand which dresses, cardigans and /or accessories from Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses you really like and therefore ensure my focus is on making more of the same styles.


UPDATE 9/6/21 NOW ON EVERY PAGE OF THE WEBSITE, many thanks for looking and indeed clicking your choices, much appreciated

UPDATE 9/12/21 Now that Yell have moved Moonfruit to WIX this LOve Button comes as standard

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Post 7/5/2021 INFORMATION

Top 10 Currently in Girls Designer Clothes

I like to keep abreast of the latest trends in Girls Designer Clothing and design and handmake lovely items that are "on trend". I will list the current top 10 and then list my products that fit the bill, thanks for listening. Go to the A-Z Index via the SHOP sort box to read more about those matches.



1. Embroidered Tops/ Dresses

2. Wrap Tops / Dresses

3. Jeans like Mum has

4. Air Force 1 trainers - NOTE I only design and make Dresses, Knitwear and Accessories so this is not on the cards, nor do I know how to "Cobble" #smile

5. Trendy Bags, especially shoulder ones

6. Shorts

7. T-shirts

8. Doc Marten Boots - again I can't Cobble #smile

9. Bucket Hats

10. Oversized Clothing


My Fashion matches that are "On Trend"

1. Aztec, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Prairie & Grey Cord Dresses

2. Bracken & Sailor Jackets

3. Not available here YET!

4. No

5. Look at ALL my bags HERE

6. Beach Shorts

7. Imogen Dress & T-Shirt

8. No

9. My highly coloured tropical Sunhat

10. Easy, just buy the next size up #smile

Post 5/5/2021 INFORMATION

Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses Blog

I like to keep my Blog running in parallel to this page as it gives me a chance to connect with a wider audience of people who are interested either in the subject of Girls Designer Clothing or want do have a look at some of my latest designs or maybe purchase them. The Blog is written using Blogger and I started it alongside the website back in December 2010. I also found whilst we were on our travels that I would be inspired by dresses or knitwear , either current or past, locally cultural or not, but those things I would jot down and come back to once we were home and I was back in my lovely sewing room. Anyhow if you wish to have a read and / or look at my BLOG please click HERE





  • a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
  • synonyms: description · report · version · story · narration · narrative · statement · news ·




add new material to or regularly update a blog."it's about a week since I last blogged"



Post 3/5/2021 INFORMATION

serendipity girls designer dressed Kids Store on Foursquare

I have just had a good look at my Foursquare Kids store which I confess to not having looked at for years (bottom of the stairs please ;) ) and updated a few things like pictures and some of the later products , if you wish to look please click HERE , Thanks, would really appreciate a positive review / tip if you like or have purchased one of my designs or indeed especially if you are local. I have posted little card sized flyers thru folks doors and on local notice boards. I am definitely (not misspelt like Line of Duty ;) ) looking for young Mums and Dads who need good quality designer wear for their little girls.


Foursquare is great for researching local hotspots — it may even help you find a place you may not have even known existed. Foursquare is also particularly useful because of its ability to learn about your preferences as you use it, and then actually predict where you would like to go.


Post 2/5/2021 INFORMATION

SERENDIPITYGDDs Google My Business

I have just had a good look at my Google Business entry and updated quite a lot of the details firstly to take account of this awful pandemic and show that I work safely and the products I deisgn and then handmake are all as safe as possible, especially taking to the post office for posting. I have included a video now and additional products. Ive looked at my reviews and would accept there are very few which is a shame... note to self, must try harder. Interestingly I note of the 3 I currently have, 1 is poor, I was not aware of this given way back in 2019. The only thing I can remember is this lady asked if I could make wedding dresses for bridesmaids for her, sadly I had to kindly say no honestly because the timescales and my capacity as a one woman band would not do her justice. If this merits a poor review so be it, but I was honest friendly and wishes her luck in her quest. On investigation it appears this lady is very free with her poor reviews. I will say no more on the subject other than to say I love handmaking my creative designer clothes for girls and will continue to put the effort and care into them I always have. If you wish to go to my business on Google please click HERE. Thanks, would really appreciate a positive review if you like or have purchased one of my designs. For my Crocheted Knitwear designs I publish some of the patterns as "Anne Hellinger Designs" on Ravelry, click HERE if you are interested, thanks again.

google my business post2.jpg

Week Commencing 26/4/2021 DRESSES. My latest is


1 available for age 2, price £27.99

Imogen is a sweet little dress and T shirt outfit in purple and lime green colours. The T shirt is made in a pretty pink floral and polka dot pattern on a lime green cotton jersey fabric. It has long sleeves, a round neck and two popper fastenings on each shoulder.

The purple ribbed pinafore style dress has a lime green trim around the top and adjustable ribbon ties on the shoulders. It has a fluted hem and cute little pocket.

The T shirt measures: Chest 23”/58.5cm, sleeve length from underarm 7.5”/19cm, length from shoulder to hem 11”/28cm.

The dress measures: Chest 24”/61cm, length from shoulder to hem 13.75”/35cm approx.

Made in cotton jersey and polyester ribbed scuba fabric, with satin ribbon trim.

Machine wash 40c, iron T shirt on warm setting, do not iron dress.


I enjoy making Girls Designer Clothes and this little girls dress is no exception. Handmade and designed by myself in Derbyshire United Kingdom in my dedicated sewing room. I am inspired by all the latest fabrics and design ideas. It is my passion, more next week, mayble click on over to my Blog at the link above if you wish to read about my Girls designer clothes retrospectively since 2012. I love it!

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