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2 available only for your little girls aged 4 or 5. Please select the one you require.
This crochet ornate Baroque style lace cardigan is a unique design. It is handmade in a deep ruby red glitter yarn which sparkles when it catches the light. There are four separate lace patterns used in the cardigan design.
Standard Length: (age 4) The cardigan measures: Chest 26”/66cm, length of sleeve from underarm to wrist 11”/28cm, shoulder seam to lower edging 12”/30.5 cm. Yarn is 96% acrylic/4% polyester. Machine wash 30c.
Longer Length: (age 5) Same as standard only shoulder seam to lower edging 14”/35.5 cm.


See the 360° SPIN for the red sparkles cardi HERE, scroll to the letter R, or see the last image for a GIF spin


This helps to see all the way around the lovely Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses (SerendipityGDDs) item placed on a rotating mannequin 

Red Sparkles Cardigan

SKU: RedSparkles4-5
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